Minggu, 03 Juli 2016

Fan (2016)

Realese Date :  15 April 2016
Genre :  Action, Drama , 
Country :  Hindi


Synopsis :
FAN movie rotates on an imaginary relationship between artists and fans. Gaurav , an ordinary young man who won a local competition that he pesembahkan to star idol, Aryan Khanna . He then decided to go to Mumbai for Aryan . On the way , Gaurav meet the harsh reality and create a sense of love for Aryan turns to hate .  He then sets revenge on the Aryan with a duplicate Aryan and troublemakers . He will follow the Aryan to the world and take action aimed at the Aryan crime . This was done to worsen the image of his idol .
Password : AML

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Fan (2016)
4/ 5