Sabtu, 04 Februari 2017

Japanese Mother (2017)

Realese Date : 9 Feb, 2017
Genre :  Romance, Melodrama
Country : South Korea

Synopsis :
"The face is blue, the chest is the D cup, and the night technique is perfect!" Son, it's not your girlfriend, it's your mother now. "  Her sister, Yuki, brought her from Japan with her son's sign. However, the symbol comes to Korea and meets my girlfriend and starts to make an affair. At first, Min-cheol comforted Yuki with a heart soothing her precious daughter-in-law From a moment I realize that I see Yuki as a woman. In the end, the hot affairs of Minchul and Yuki are unfolding in secret.

Password : AML

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Japanese Mother (2017)
4/ 5